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It is important for our customers to create memories that last forever. What is more important than making sure that our products are built to last?

Stainless steel is a key material in our products, unless stated otherwise. Our lockets, chains and plates are made from one of the strongest metals used in jewellery, and hence they are durable and do not do not tarnish like lower grade materials. Some people have allergies to the nickel found in common jewellery metals. However, stainless steel does not incorporate other alloys - it is a naturally hard metal and so it can be worn by most because of its anti-allergic properties.

The pretty sparkles set on some of our locket designs are made from high-quality European crystals that retain their luster. Each enamel charm is carefully painted by hand, which may result in slight differences in the colour, embellishment or size – all part of the charm of handcrafted products! 

Frequent cleaning is recommended to maintain your charm locket’s true beauty. Here are some steps you can take to care for your locket.


- Use a soft, cotton cloth to gently wipe your jewellery pieces after wearing them. This removes natural body oils, sweat or makeup.

- If your jewellery comes into contact with water, it is best to dry it as soon as you can with a soft cloth or tissue (if you do not have a cloth).

- Store your jewellery in the air-tight ziploc bag or in a cool, dry place (e.g. soft pouch, jewellery box). This helps to reduce contact with the moisture found in the air. 

- Handle the locket with care. It is made of mineral glass that is not resistant to breakage.

- Keep jewellery pieces separated to prevent metal scratches.

- Sterling Silver products: It is very common for sterling silver to tarnish easily. Use a silver polishing cloth to clean your silver jewellery. Tarnish is most easily removed at the first visible sign of it.


- Get jewellery pieces in heavy contact with harsh chemicals, such as perfumes, lotions and hair spray. You can put them on as your last step before heading out to minimise the chemical effects.

- Put them in extreme heat or cold

- Store different types of jewellery together. It increases the chances of damage occurring from rubbing.

- Wash your sterling silver polishing cloth. It will lose its polishing effectiveness.



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