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I am very fond of my travel memories that reminiscing about them brings joy and warmth to my heart. I wanted to create a personal keepsake of these happy moments (other than tattoos!). After searching around for suitable products, charm lockets came into the picture. Unfortunately, none could offer what I was looking for. They were either too expensive or of sub-quality. It just wasn’t fair – everyone has memories that they want to share or to capture. Yet there were no affordable and well-crafted lockets to meet this demand! Born out of the desire to capture these precious moments in time, Statelight was eventually created!

Our Philosophy

"To connect people to their most cherished memories."

With a Statelight Locket, people can place memories close to their hearts.  It is as unique as the person who wears them. Lovingly sealed with gems, charms and crystals, every locket creation tells a story – of life’s happy moments, a poignant time filled with love and attachment, it can even be an interesting conversation starter!

I hope that you will enjoy the journey of selecting each piece, and to create meaningful stories of your life time.


,  Lyn




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